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Nike Statue

For the well-known shoe brand Nike, we created this special anniversary award. The figurine is a replica of the world-famous Nike of Samothrace (the goddess of victory), which is housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris. The plastic figurine is first cast, then polished, and finally finished with terracotta paint, giving it an authentic appearance. This award is presented to Nike employees in countries like Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Nike Glass Award

We created this robust award for the European headquarters of Nike in Hilversum. The award is a solid glass piece in which text can be laser-engraved using 3D laser technology. The thickness and weight of the material make it an elegant award that will be a centerpiece in any trophy collection.

Channable 3 Awards

This award was created for the occasion of Channable's International Partner Day 2023, an e-commerce platform. They wanted a new, minimalist design for their bronze, silver, and gold awards for partners worldwide. The result is this hexagon that can be printed with text on both the front and back. The bronze, silver, or gold of the award is accentuated with leaf metal on the bottom.

Google Trickbox

Google was looking for an original way to invite their customers to participate in a presentation about Google Cloud. Their aim was to make it more playful than just sending an email. So, we developed this 'trickbox' for Google. The invitation is placed inside the box, and the recipient can only open it by solving a puzzle that activates the key. The box can be reused afterward.

Club Ferrari Set

When members of Ferrari Club Nederland celebrate an anniversary, they are presented with a gift set designed by us. The set consists of a beautifully designed cassette containing a large anniversary coin (with a diameter of 80mm), a keychain, and a pin. The cassette is covered on the outside with a full-color sleeve indicating the number of years someone has been a member of Ferrari Club Nederland.

ABN Amro 2 coins

The management of ABN-Amro wanted to do something special for their employees when celebrating a jubilee. That's why they asked us to enhance and produce the design of their anniversary coins for employees who have been with them for three or five years. The coins are executed in two colors: gold for a five-year jubilee and copper for a three-year jubilee. The coins are delivered in a matte black gift box with velvet lining.

Fort Honswijk Coin

In April 2023, the restoration of Fort Honswijk in the province of Utrecht was completed. The project, which took several years, restored the nearly 200-year-old fort, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, to its former glory. To mark this occasion, we were commissioned to design a commemorative coin. The coin was also presented to King Willem-Alexander.

Adidas Medal

Adidas, the footwear brand, organized a unique running competition through the Lambeth district of London to promote the launch of their new Ultra Boost running shoes. What made this race special was that participants had to navigate the alleys of Lambeth using a compass app on their smartphones. We produced the gold, silver, and bronze medals for the winners of this competition.

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