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Corporate gifts and awards

Custom Company specializes in providing luxury corporate gifts and awards. We can assist companies and organizations looking to present unique corporate gifts or awards, helping to bring these ideas to fruition. Additionally, you can also select from our standard collection of corporate gifts and awards.

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More than 12 years of experience

We have over a decade of experience.

Operating in 21 countries

We operate in 21 countries around the world.

Assisted 2000+ satisfied clients

We have successfully assisted over 2000 clients.

Rated with a 9.4

Our services are valued with an impressive 9.4.

Customer-centric thinking

At Custom Company, customer-centric thinking is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to delivering exceptional experiences, personalized solutions, and fostering long-lasting relationships. Through collaboration and co-creation, we aim to provide your relationships with a genuine sense of appreciation and gratitude.

An appropriate gift for your organization.

At Custom Company, our unique strength lies in the fact that we don't have our own production machinery. This independence allows us to offer objective and unbiased advice when selecting materials and techniques for crafting custom gifts and awards. We understand that each customer has unique requirements and preferences, and our expert team is dedicated to guiding you towards the most suitable options.

Utilizing our extensive network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers, we ensure that your custom gifts or awards are crafted using materials and techniques that align perfectly with your vision, desires, and budget. Our commitment to independence enables us to prioritize your satisfaction and deliver truly tailored solutions that leave a lasting impression.

Rely on Custom Company to bring your ideas for custom gifts to life with expert guidance and a wide array of possibilities, all customized to meet your specific needs.

Driven by emotions of gratitude and appreciation.

At our company, we place a strong emphasis on emotions. Our goal is to evoke feelings of gratitude and appreciation through the gifts and recognition awards we provide. With each project, we place special emphasis on how to achieve this emotional connection. We carefully consider product selection, packaging design, and even incorporate personalized messages to ensure that the recipient truly feels valued and respected.

Our team understands the importance of capturing the essence of emotions in every gift and recognition award, making them more than just physical objects. We believe that these emotional connections have a lasting impact, strengthening relationships and leaving a positive impression. Trust us to create memorable and heartfelt experiences through our thoughtful approach to gifts, where every detail is designed to express genuine appreciation and gratitude.

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How others experience Custom Company:

"Pleasant communication, smooth order processing, very satisfied with the end product. Service-oriented."

Arno Schrauwen


"Great collaboration, they proactively think along."


Albert Heijn

"Fast service, prompt response, and a quality result. Unfortunately, the courier was very late, which made things tricky on our end. However, it was also a last-minute job that we'll try to avoid next time."

Heineken International BV

"Excellent service and a good price/quality ratio. We have been purchasing medals and awards for our events from Custom Company for several years and are very satisfied with the flexibility and the willingness to help with our inquiries."


Oh for Zero Events Foundation

"Thoughtful collaboration, excellent communication, and delivered beautiful awards for our event! Thank you so much!!"

Lisa van Ginkel


"For several years now, we have been ordering pins and lapel pins for our hotel. The quality, price, and service are very good."

Van der Valk Exclusive Hotels

Custom Company - Ervaringen

"Custom Company emerged from a deeply rooted passion to assist companies and organizations in genuinely thanking and appreciating their relationships, including employees, customers, and partners, through beautiful gifts and awards."