3D laser engraving in glass

3D laser engraving in glass makes your awards and gifts truly exceptional.

Discover the possibilities

Would you like awards or gifts with 3D laser engraving in glass?

3D laser engraving in glass makes your awards and gifts truly exceptional. With this technique, a piece of glass is engraved with a 2D or 3D design from the inside. Your logo or object can be viewed from all sides. In addition to this unique engraving possibility, you will receive a luxury gift or award in a gift package. You can choose from our standard collection or have one fully customized by us. Of course, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries.

All our awards and gifts are delivered in a beautiful gift package so you can present them elegantly.

Why choose 3D laser engraving in glass?

Many of our clients opt for 3D laser engraving in glass because it's an affordable technique for creating 3D awards and gifts. The objects are cost-effective, quickly deliverable, and possess a luxurious appearance. Of course, 2D laser engraving of a logo or text is also possible.

Personalizing awards and gifts

The awards and gifts can, of course, be adorned with your logo or another design. It's even possible to individually personalize each award with a unique number or a name.

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Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Laser Engraving in Glass

What is the delivery time for 3D laser in glass?

For 3D laser in glass gifts/awards, the delivery time is generally within 3-6 weeks. If there is a tight deadline, please contact us.

What is the process for creating 3D laser in glass?

If you would like advice on 3D laser in glass, we will need the following information:

1. What is the desired shape and size?
For gifts, the most commonly chosen size is 50x50x80mm or 60x60x60mm.
2. What is the quantity?
3. When is the desired delivery date?

Are the 3d crystals delivered in a gift packaging?

Yes, the 3d crystals are delivered in gift boxes as a standard. This ensures that the corporate gifts can be presented beautifully and provides protection as well.

How should the design be submitted?

For 3D laser in glass, the engraving can be done using a 3D computer file. You can submit the 3D file in 3DS, DXF, or STL format. If you have a different format, we can usually convert it (starting from 75 Euro).For 2D engraving, you can send the logo in a vector file (eps, ai, or pdf) and provide the text in Word format.

Would you like to receive a quote/information?

Please fill out the form below: (Please note: the minimum order size is €2,000)